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"We are called to be the eyes, hands and heart of the Risen Jesus."
Advent Hospitality

Coffee and Donuts
Following the 8:00 & 10:30 am Masses


Nov 27 - Pastoral Council
Dec 04 - Knights of Columbus
Dec 11 - SPX School
Dec 18 - Faith Formation

St. Pius X - Job Opening 

The Business Manager assists the Pastor in the prudent stewardship of the Parish’s personnel, financial and capital resources. Ensures the effectiveness of operations, informing and advising the Pastor, School Principal and various parish councils and committees. This position is part of the Parish Leadership Team (PLT) that supports the Pastor and ensures that the pastoral and administrative needs of the Parish and School are sustained.
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Father Sean's Weekly Message 12-02-2022

Advent is a time where we sing out over and over, O Come Emmanuel! We sing this to remind ourselves that we don’t engage the trickery of the evil one alone. God is with us! We really need to be reminded of this. Read over Psalm 139 this week. I also enjoyed this clip from an interview with Pope Francis and America Magazine: The question: “Holy Father… you always seem joyful, happy, even amid crises and troubles. What is it that makes you so joyful, so peaceful and happy in your ministry?”

I would not say that I am happy because I am healthy, or because I eat well, or because I sleep well, or because I pray a great deal. I am happy because I feel happy, God makes me happy. I don’t have anything to blame on the Lord, not even when bad things happen to me. Nothing. Throughout my life, he has always guided me on his path, sometimes in difficult moments, but there is always the assurance that one does not walk alone. I have that assurance. He is always at my side.

Pope Francis

"Repent! Prepare the way of the Lord who is with you to heal you, guide you, strengthen you, save you, and open to you the kingdom of God!"

Thank You from St. Pius X School

You have done us proud here at St. Pius X School. Pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done!!! Your generosity helped raise $8,000 for SPX Endowment Fund, and donations are still trickling in. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!