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Welcome to St. Pius X Catholic Church

"We are called to be the eyes, hands and heart of the Risen Jesus."
All Fridays After Ash Wednesday
February 24th - March 31st

Stations of the Cross
5:30 PM in the Church

Lenten Soup Suppers
After Stations of the Cross

In the Community Center

Except March 17 which will be

In McMahon Hall

For Questions email:

"Come and See What God Has Done, Is Doing, and Will Do"

Monday March 20th

7:00pm - 8:30pm

In the Church

Father Sean's Weekly Message

March 17, 2023


Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and congratulations to Archbishop Sample on his election to the USCCB’s Executive Committee. Let us pray that he may be granted the understanding, wisdom, and prudence reflected in God’s word to us  today. May he turn to the Lord in his search for wisdom. May he be granted the virtue of prudence in his leadership as we heard from the prophet Hosea. May he be granted the understanding heart of the scribe conversing with the Lord about the Great Commandment (Mk.12:28-34). Let us pray that he will engage his work in communion with the Lord and with his brother bishops. “May he not be far from the Kingdom of God.” Amen.

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