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Welcome to St. Pius X Catholic Church

"We are called to be the eyes, hands and heart of the Risen Jesus."

Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday

February 14, 2024

Lent Ends on Easter Sunday

March 31, 2024

Women's A.C.T.S. Retreat 2024

April 11th to April 14th


Father Bernard Youth Center

Mount Angel, Oregon

"Lord, make our hearts burn while you speak to us"

Cf. Luke 24:32

Father Sean's Weekly Message

February 16, 2024


Dear Friends in Christ,

As I mentioned on Ash Wednesday, we are going to lean in on the virtue of moderation and simplicity. We need more of it in our lives. Life has become all too busy, complicated, cluttered, and our sonship can get lost in the noise and distractions shut the Father’s care from or attention. So let this Lent be a time when we give ourselves permission to moderate and simplify our schedules. Let’s do it as individuals, families, and teams. A simple but difficult question that may help us, “what do we need in our lives?” and a follow up, “what can we do with less of?” Make a list.

Fr. Sean Weeks

Tax Statements for 2023

AS OF JANUARY 19, 2024, gifts earmarked 2023 are still trickling in and needing to be recorded for 2023 Tax Year. Tax letters will therefore be sent out at the end of January 2024. Any gifts coming after January 2024 will be recorded for the 2024 Tax Year. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Be sure to contact Sr. Angelicah with any needs or questions via her email address or call the Parish office.

We extend profound gratitude for all your gifts to St. Pius X Parish in 2023. May God bless and reward you for your generosity as you continue to share your gifts for God’s work in this Parish.

We wish you continued blessings for the New Year. May you enjoy good health and God’s goodness all year through.

Thank You!

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