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Welcome to St. Pius X Catholic Church

"We are called to be the eyes, hands and heart of the Risen Jesus."

Eucharistic Corner

Do This In Remembrance Of Me, Part 13A: Liturgy of the Word

Join us Tuesday Oct 3rd @ 9:30 am
in the Community Center

Father Sean's Weekly Message

September 22, 2023


What is the full days wage? It is the Kingdom of Heaven! 
Stop standing around. Come and share in the Master’s Joy!

What is most striking about the landowner is the relentless way he himself goes out to find laborers, his constant willingness to hire the ones who are still standing there, and his desire to pay them a full day's wage. Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like this landowner. God takes the initiative in seeking us out. God chooses us despite our utter unworthiness. And God is lavish in his self-gift to us. To love the kingdom of heaven is to love this landowner and the way he acts. The temptation is for us to measure our life by what we imagine we deserve. But in truth, God is always giving us far more than we deserve, even in calling us to labor in his kingdom! Let us "Seek the Lord while he may be found, call him while he is near," because, for us, “Life is Christ." (Magnificat September 2023 pg.344)

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