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Holy Moments

SPX Student Holy Moments

Submitted on 2/08/2023

Student #9 Submittal

A couple weeks ago, when I was preparing to canter for the church, my choir director had recommended me to take voice lessons. He believed my voice had the potential to win voice competitions with the help of a teacher, so the teacher could train my voice. After I finished practicing, I went out of the room and just thought about my gift God gave me. I thought about how thankful I was God gave me such a wonderful gift. That day, I really felt how God’s love impacts my life on a daily basis.

Student #10 Submittal

When I was at outdoor school with my grade, I experienced a holy moment. Father Sean came for the day to lead a mass for our class. While the masses are always holy, this mass in particular was very special to me. Everyone in our grade participated a lot and seemed very connected. It was a little different than regular masses. For instance, it was shorter, we all sat on the floor, and a student even performed the homily. It was a very special holy moment for me, and I felt like the mass had unified our class and made us a great community afterward.

A Holy Moment - Bob Weisend

Submitted on 3/08/2023

When you think about it, Holy Moments are all around us every day. When you’re driving, helping your neighbors, talking to strangers in the store, or just getting someone to smile and say good morning. You can make this messy world a better place by performing one holy moment each day of your lives.

One of my favored Holy Moments takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Saint Mary’s Home for Boys.

At 5:00 PM. the St. Pius X Knights of Columbus and their wives serve 45 to 75 boys, plus counselors, Ice Cream and Cake. We celebrate all Birthdays of the boys who have birthdays in that month. We celebrate even though there are no birthdays.

The interesting thing is, St. Pius X Knights of Columbus has supported this community service program for over 14 years now, and yes that’s right over 14 years and still counting. Even the past three COVID years we delivered Cake, Ice Cream and Birthday Cards for the boys to enjoy. This HOLY Moment lets the boys know someone cares about them and loves them.

Our reward is the thank you cards I receive from all 40 to 75 boys each month. I read each and every one and a few of them have brought tears to my eyes. These young boys need our prayers, love, and kindness. God Bless

Bob Weisend

SPX Student Holy Moments

Submitted on 2/08/2023

Student #5 Submittal

My Holy Moment was when I found out that my close friends and neighbors sponsor a young girl in Africa. This couple showed me the letter that the young girl sent to them, thanking them for their help. With their sponsorship, the young girl is able to attend school, in which she makes amazing grades. This young girl is so grateful to receive an education and in her letter, thanked them for the sponsorship and wrote about how much she loves going to school and learning.


Student #6 Submittal
My Holy moment was when I was going through a stressful time in my life due to issues in my personal life. I tried everything to get my life back on track, but nothing seemed to work. One day I decided to just pray to God and spend some time with him. The next day when I woke up, I felt like all the stress and bad feelings had left my body. Simply praying to God had changed my life.


Student #7 Submittal
A holy moment I had was when I was visiting Montana. I was at my grandparent’s house on the river, and I woke up early one day. The sun had already risen, but it was still peaceful outside. I looked out the window to fnd deer grazing in the yard. They looked so graceful and calm. The deer were picking and eating apples of of the tree near our house. I felt at such rest watching them. After a little while, the deer ran of. I always refect on how happy I felt at this moment.


Student #8 Submittal
I think that one time I have experienced a holy moment was when I decided to visit the adoration chapel for the frst time. I went by myself and I ended up taking time to refect on some of my life’s actions. I also thought about whether I was being kind to others even when they are not present. I really had time to refect and I got motivation to become a better person that day.

SPX Student Holy Moments

Submitted on 2/08/2023


Student #1 Submittal

When I broke my finger, many strangers came to my help, getting me ice and helping me get through the pain to the hospital. In the moment I didn’t think much of it, but later I realized how much those people helped me.

Student #2 Submittal

The week after my grandfather died, the church offered the purpose of the Mass for him. When they announced the prayers were for the repose of his soul, I remember someone looking back at me recognizing the last name. They didn’t say anything to me about it, which I appreciated, but I could tell they knew how I felt. For some reason it just gave me a little bit of comfort after his death.

Student #3 Submittal

My holy moment was praying as a family for my little cousin. My little cousin had gotten sick and had to go to the hospital. My family got together as a group and we prayed to God and asked him to help my little cousin get better. My little cousin got better after a while and we were grateful to God for helping him.

Student #4 Submittal

My Holy Moments are when I get to attend Christmas Mass every year with my godparents. I do not get to see them a lot throughout the year, so the hour that we have together at Mass is special to me.

- St. Pius X Catholic School Students


Submitted on 2/12/2023

The holy moment that comes to my mind is my commitment to altar serving funeral masses. I serve at Sunday mass and Wednesday school masses but when I serve at funerals it’s a different type of service. It makes me feel so sad for the families that have lost loved ones. But when I serve these masses I know that I am helping to provide some comfort for these families by assisting the priest and deacons with the mass. It also helps remind me that this life on earth isn’t our home— it’s just where we live. And that these people are now in their heavenly home with God. So that makes me feel good.


- Cole Hosana


Submitted on 1/31/2023


“The last couple of years has been very difficult for me. I lost 5 family close family members within months of each other. The latest being my daughter, instead of turning to the Lord for strength my soul became very dark. In the fall I started two bible studies. It helped but i was still missing something."
"I made a promise to myself that I would do the Catechism in a year. One day the discussion was on the scriptures. All of a sudden, I felt like I was surrounded by light. There was a calm and a feeling of being surrounded by Gods love. Naturally I told everyone I talked to. The main thing my soul was no longer dark. Unable to to attend mass I watched it faithfully every Sunday and daily mass."


"Following my daughter's death, a friend asked what she could do. The first thing I thought of was to arrange for me to receive the Holy Eucharist. Together all of this has brought me peace and a renewed love of my faith and God."


- Dorothy Presnell

Dorothy Presnell

Submitted on 1/30/2023

In January 2023, I visited my parents in Los Angeles, CA. For the past several years, I have
been unable to be with my family on Christmas and Easter because of my work for
the Church; however, Mom and Dad are with me every Sunday virtually. They like
to attend the 8:00am Sunday Mass via LiveStream.
After listening to Fr. Sean’s or Fr.
Gracias’ homilies, they attend Mass in-person at the neighborhood parish.

“My holy moment was praying the rosary with
Mom and Dad during this most recent visit.”

Mom and Dad take a walk together every evening. While they walk through the
neighborhood, they pray the rosary, a daily tradition they had started during the
pandemic to stay active and pray regularly. I didn’t know this! It never came up during
our weekly phone calls, not until I visited them this month. I was glad they invited me to be

a part of this routine for a couple of days.

It’s not very profound or fashy but it got me thinking: I owe everything to God, who gave
me amazing parents. They pray together every day. For me, that small glimpse into
their love for God and inner life of prayer is the holy moment. Mom and Dad give me
hope that God is close, and that He gives me the quiet strength I need.

Your Brother in Christ,
Sean Baba, Director of Music Ministry

Sean Baba
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