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Respect Life

Be Prepared to Help Someone in Need ...  Maybe you’re pregnant, or worried that you might be pregnant. You feel scared, overwhelmed, alone. Need someone to talk to…someone you can be real with?  We’re here for you.  Women who get what you’re going through, because they’ve lived through it. Women who care and can help.  Confidential.
Catholic Charities Pregnancy Support:  We are here to help, regardless of faith or life circumstances.  Call to learn more about how we can support you whether you choose to parent or to place your child in an open adoption.  All services are free and our qualified staff are available 24/7.  Call 503-238-5196 for immediate and confidential help or email us at
Mother & Child Education Center provides pregnancy testing, classes, clothing and supplies for new mothers.  Our goal is to provide a place where new mothers can go for support, so children can be welcomed and nurtured.  Call 503-249-5801 or go to for more information.
Pregnancy Resource Centers will help you answer the hard questions with an unplanned pregnancy.  They have professional, licensed staff that provide compassionate care in a non-pressure environment.  Physician and community referrals.  Ultrasounds. Maternity services.  Pregnancy Tests.  Open M-F:  Beaverton; 503-643-4503 Clackamas; 503-659-3336  Go to for info.  Free and confidential services.

Project Rachel, a service offered by Catholic Charities,  is a confidential ministry for anyone who desires healing after being impacted by abortion. This includes the mothers and fathers of children lost to abortion, grandparents and other relatives, health care providers, and many others. Abortion crosses all boundaries of religion, race, age and socio-economic position.

Rachael's Vineyard Retreats are a powerful healing weekend where acceptance, non-judgment, forgiveness, and mercy are present. Healing and restoration can begin for anyone impacted by abortion. 

You can get more information about Project Rachael and Rachael's Vineyard Retreats on the Catholic Charities website.  The page includes a video of people speaking about their experience at a retreat.

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