Parish Councils

St. Pius X Parish Councils Title Image

Administrative Council


Rev. Sean M. Weeks, Pastor

Brad Hoffman, Co-Chair

Joanne Smith, School Principal

Michelle Schleh, Business Manager

Angelicah Njuguna, Development Director


Jose Amador


Mitchell Van Dyke

Dave Hapeman

Adam Solomonson

SAC (School Advisory Council)

Rev. Sean M. Weeks, Pastor

Joanne Smith, School Principal

Michelle Schleh, Business Manager

Katie Buxman, Chair

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory group that meets with our pastor offering advice on the pastoral activities of the church. This includes things such as:  liturgy, sacraments, faith formation, community life, and outreach. 

The council is made up of representatives from the four pastoral commissions, plus the parochial vicar and the pastor. The council meets once a month, led by the council chairs, and discusses the activities of the parish. 

The Pastoral Council tries not to get too much into the details of the ministries but rather looks at the big picture and the overall vision of the parish. The Pastoral Council asks questions such as: How can St. Pius X Parish best help to build the Kingdom of God? How are we helping our members to grow in faith and relationship with Jesus? How are we reaching out to our neighborhood and our world to bring the Good News?

To address these questions, the Pastoral Council has created several commissions, led by the faithful, to guide them in addressing these issues.


The Current Pastoral Council Members Are:
  • Fr. Sean Weeks, Pastor

  • Jodi DePinna, Co-Chair

  • Pat Wieber, Co-Chair

  • Erika Villasenor

  • Michele Rask

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