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Pastoral Commissions

St. Pius X Pastoral Commissions - Title Image

Pastoral Commissions

The Pastoral Commissions are designed to allow our ministries to have a stronger voice in the decision making process of our parish community. Each ministry has elected a representative who sits on a Pastoral Commission. In turn, each Pastoral Commission elects a representative to sit on the Pastoral Council. These representatives ensure that the voice of our parishioners and their ideas are being communicated to the Pastor and the larger leadership team of our parish community.

Liturgy Commission
  • The source and summit of our Catholic Faith is the Eucharist. We gather around the altar to share in the one Body and one Cup of Christ. But worship doesn’t end with the Mass, so this commission speaks for all ministries which are somehow involved in a church liturgy by helping to plan, execute, and evaluate the liturgical practices of our parish.

Faith Formation Commission
  • As members of the Catholic Church we are always on a journey to nourish our faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. Through this commission, both children and adults receive formation classes to become full members of the Catholic Church, a process known as catechesis. This includes instruction on, and preparation to receive, all the Sacraments.


  • Catechesis also involves the lifelong effort of forming people into witnesses to Christ and opening their hearts to the spiritual transformation given by the Holy Spirit. Here, at St. Pius X, they have the opportunity to continue to grow in their faith through things like small faith sharing groups; retreats, theology and bible classes; and listening to catholic speakers.

Community Fellowship Commission
  • The Community Life Commission seeks to provide opportunities for all members of the parish to build a true community of faith outside of the liturgy. Sometimes they do this by facilitating social events of food, fellowship, and fun to enrich the community. Sometimes they do this by comforting the sorrowful at a funeral reception. Ultimately, whatever brings us together as a community of life and love, we ask these ministries to coordinate.

Outreach Commission
  • Caritas is the Latin word for ‘Love’ but is sometimes translated as ‘charity.’ For Thomas Aquinas, the virtue of caritas is our Love for God put into action as love towards our neighbour. Here, nurtured by the Eucharist and by our Faith, our parishioners go out into the world to bring Christ to all they encounter through the corporal works of mercy. In this way they are truly the “eyes, hands, and heart of the Risen Jesus,” working to make the Kingdom of Heaven present here on earth.

For More Information Please Contact:

Nicki Caro

St. Pius Office Manager

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