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History - Pastors of St. Pius X

St. Pius X History - Father Joseph McMahon

Father Joseph M. McMahon

1955 to 1984

Fr. Joseph McMahon was the first Pastor of St. Pius X.  Serving the Parish for 29 years, he watched the Parish grow from 200 families in 1957 to 700 by 1984.  Fr. McMahon oversaw the building of the new Church (1980), expansion of the school (1969 and 1982) and development of the Parish’ campus. Fr. McMahon was known to meet every new parishioner and could remember where everyone lived.

St. Pius X History - Father Bertam Griffin

Father Bertam Griffin

1984 to 1995

Fr. Griffin’s 12-year tenure as the second Pastor of St. Pius X Parish marked a period of rapid growth in the Cedar Mill community and in the Parish.  By 1993 there were 1,700 families registered in the Parish. This was the time of Vatican II.  Fr. Griffin is known for creating a full lay ministry program that included women as altar ministers and girls as altar servers, expanding lay leadership and overall challenging parishioners to initiate and participate in many programs, especially in the areas of Social Ministry and Justice.

St. Pius X History - Father Neil Moore

Father Neil Moore

1995 to 1999

Serving the Parish for three years, Fr. Moore brought his gift of a personal Pastoral presence.  During his term, a Social Ministry Council was organized, an educational program of the Social teaching of the Church was started and Parish outreach efforts were expanded.

St. Pius X History - Father Ron Millican

Father Ron Millican

1999 to 2006

The Parish had grown to 2,300 registered households when Fr. Millican began his tenure as pastor.  The Community Center was being built at this time and the Parish and Cedar Mill community were continuing to grow.  Under Fr. Millican’s leadership, Perpetual Adoration was instituted. Also during this time, a series of missionary priests served as associate pastors allowing our SPX community to experience a more universal view of the Church.

St. Pius X History - Father Craig Boly SJ

Father Craig Boly, SJ

2006 - 2012

The Parish celebrated its 50 anniversary in 2005. Under Fr. Boly’s leadership, the Parish continued to live out its mission statement - “As Catholics of the Archdiocese of Portland at St. Pius X Parish, we are called to be the eyes, hands and heart of the Risen Jesus, and we respond as stewards of creation and lifelong learners in the community.”  During Fr. Boly’s tenure the Parish grew to 2,400 households.  There were active Administration, Faith Formation, Latino, School Advisory, Outreach and Worship Commissions guiding the work of the Parish.

St. Pius X History - Father Sean Weeks

Father Sean Weeks

2012 to Present

Prior to becoming a diocesan priest, Fr. Sean spent eight years in the Benedictine Monastery.  He has overseen the continued growth of the Parish including the expansion of the School, update of the Church and completion of the Parish grounds.  Fr. Sean has guided St. Pius X to be a stewardship parish and an exciting and energetic faith community.

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