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History - St. Pius X Church Organ

The organ in St. Pius X Church is a Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1890) organ. (Note: Geor. Kilgen & Son is now known as Harley Perkins (1976).

The organ was relocated refurbished and reinstalled from the earlier parish in 1985 by Bond Pipe Organs, Inc. in Portland.

The organ is unaltered from its original state. It is described with a Quarter-sawn oak case. Seventeen gold-painted pipes en façade. The Swell Tremolo is on a hitch-down foot lever to the left of the expression pedal. (Technical Details: Chests: Slider; 12 ranks. 629 pipes. 3 divisions. 2 manuals. 14 stops. 12 registers.)

It was purchased by Joe Smith, a long-time, beloved, deceased St. Pius X parishioner and Father Joseph M. McMahon, the first pastor (1955 to 1984). Joe used to own the Ideal Market on the corner of Cornell and Murray. The organ was brought from the Midwest (maybe St.Louis).


The link has additional information from the Organ Historical Society database. 

St. Pius X History - Organ Pic 1
St. Pius X History - Organ Pic 2

Photographs by James R. Stettner


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