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What is the Pastoral Council?

The Pastoral Council advises the Pastor on a wide range of 
issues including, but not limited to: developing a Pastoral Plan, 
providing feedback on ministry outreach, identifying the people 
within the parish that can effectively run particular ministries.
The council acts as additional eyes, ears, and communicator 
of the Pastor. 
The mission of the Pastoral Council is to be an advisory 
leadership body, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel, 
that assists the Pastor and the Parish Staff in discerning the 
needs of the Parish and, by recommending strategic goals 
and priorities, guides the Parish in fulfilling its mission as a 
Christian Community.
The Pastoral Council aims to reflect the diversity of voices 
in our community and its members are open to feedback, 
ideas, and questions.  The Council is made up with members 
who are engaged in one of our Parish Commissions. These 
Commissions are Prayer and Worship, Faith Formation, 
Outreach, School Advisory, and Parish Fellowship. These 
commissions meet about once a month and will have 
membership on the Pastoral Council which we hope will 
meet about every other month.

The time has come to renew the Parish Commissions and the Pastoral Council. If you are interested in helping with 
the mission here at St. Pius X Church, please send an email to and let us know what area of 
ministry you may be interested in. 

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