Instructions for St. Pius staff on Web Design


The design of this site is simple and clean.  Style guidelines:

  • Do not use lines, side bars, clip art, fancy graphics, backgrounds, etc.  

  • Do not indent paragraphs, bullet lists will auto-indent which is fine.

  • All page headers (red text page title) are located at the same position (30,30 - 62 height),  Simply copy and paste from an existing page and it will paste in the correct location.  The banner image simply snaps up to it, or your first paragraph if no banner.

  • Primary pages should have a banner image 920 x 340, snapped up against the red page header text.  I can provide images as needed. Use a curved shadow underneath.

  • Sub pages (hidden from the menu tree) do not need to have a banner add.

  • We use only two styles for images, one with a curved shadow underneath and one with nothing (no border, etc).  

  • Images should be resized and saved as a jpeg (not gif, tiff, png, etc) to have smaller file sizes.

  • We use only the Open Sans font, 29pt for page and section headers, 14 bold for paragraph  headers, and 14 regular for all else.

  • Do not use ALL CAPS or multiple explanation points.  Use italics and bold sparingly.

  • See below for link styles, basically they are red with no underline.

  • Buttons - most links should be done in text boxes, but you can use the red button on the templates page.

  • If you are not sure how something should look, just browse through some of the other pages.

  • The only exception to these design guidelines would be if you are matching the style of an event.


Links and Contact Info

  • All links should have the same format, no underline and red text (the deeper red, the fourth red down from the top).  Please note that when add a link to text it will underline it, don't forget to remove the underline.  If it is a document then your link text must end with .pdf

  • Do not upload word, excel, powerpoint, etc documents, convert all documents to pdf.

  • Do not post emails addresses, use the word "email" and format it as a link.  Use this exact format for contact info:

  • Jim Shaffer, email or call 503-644-5264 ext 100 

  • It is St. Pius Policy not to post personal phone numbers for anyone, staff or parishionersPersonal emails are ok, please use the format above but with no phone number.


Things not to mess with:

  • Home page

  • Top Menu, bottom footer

  • Other peoples pages (ok to copy, just be careful not to move, etc)

  • Styles - All objects have styles - there are 3 or 4 preset styles in a the style box, do not edit these.  If you need to edit an item, click the "Personalize this item" button.  



This is not a mult-user system, only one person at a time should use it. To prevent more than one person at a time, send an email to saying something like "I will be editing the webse for the next 30 minutes."  This email will be delivered to all the other web editors.  If more than one person uses it at the same time then whoever saves first might wipe out the other persons changes.  



  • There is no spell checker on text blocks, yet!  For now copy your text to outlook or word to spell check.  This feature will be implemented soon.

  • Undo can be a bit buggy, use very sparingly

  • Don't forget to Save or Publish your work!



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